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Following our successful bingo social evening in January, we are holding regular events in Hadstock Village Hall. They are social occasions open to all. Please bring your own drinks and nibbles.

Our next event is scheduled for Friday 16th September, 2016 at 8pm in the Village Hall.


Social Evening - Friday 1st July

Some of the Folk Musicians
Some of our folk musician friends The Hobb.

Not so many people around tonight as Wales was playing in the Euros, but still nice to see everyone who attended. The event was blessed with the musicians as before who provided a wonderful ambience for us. Thanks again to Jim and Jan for their work and provisions.


Social Evening - Friday 15th April

This event was even better - quite a few new people there, some new to the village. The horse-racing generated a lot of laughter. Once again thanks to Jim and Jan Snell for their efforts in organising food and entertainment, and a big thank-you to our folk band musicians.

I don't think that we quite covered our costs, but that seemed secondary to having an event that was well organised, well attended and fun, and some of those who came might well contribute to our cause of saving the Kings Head - fingers crossed.


Social Evening - Friday 4th March

The night was well-attended with about 30 people. There was a great finger buffet and an impressive and lively folk band The Hobb who provided a very enjoyable musical accompaniment to the evening - thanks to Jan and Jim Snell and all the musicians.

The costs of the event (mainly the hire of the village hall) were covered by one round of bingo.

It was a great opportunity for Hadstocians to meet up during the closure of the pub and continue the village tradition of sociability.



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